December Goals 2014

I can’t believe we are about to say goodbye to 2014. This year has been a game changer for me, come back for a 2014 recap post!

I think it’s always good to reflect back and see where you’ve been before dreaming about where you’re going next. Sometimes I can get so focused on the future that I forget to celebrate the big {and small} victories that have happened. After attending Making Things Happen, I was encouraged to post my monthly goals and doing so has really kept me focused. I want to be able to look back at these posts in 5, 10, 15 years and remember all these small victories.

So let me pause for a minute and reflect on some good things that happened in November…..

Attended Making Things Happen, life-changing experience for me and I’m so glad that I did it! Can’t wait to go again!

Taking Maddie to see Cinderella at the Belk Theater with my parents. She absolutely loved it. I love her passion for the arts!

Family Night at Wee School for Connor and Maddie, Parker’s VIP day, my little performers!

Parker’s soccer team won the U8 Championship and were undefeated, such a great season

Lots of encouragement from my cheerleaders, phone conversation with Lara, sweetest Facebook post from Tiffany, unexpected note in the mail from my new friend Carrie, lunch with Elizabeth P, conversations with Kirsten…… heart overflows

Meaningful conversations with clients turned friends

Thanksgiving memories, hanging with the Seegers first thing in the morning, Turkey Trot with them and my parents, Brandon and I in charge of turkey, stuffing and gravy

Annual trip to Blowing Rock to get our Christmas tree with my family and having the Seegers join us, waiting forever to eat at Mellow Mushroom, seeing the parade, hayride to pick out our tree, hot chocolate, attempting to get pics of the kiddos, so much fun!

December Goals

Create ideal day and week for 2015

Complete 2015 Client investment guide

Christmas family fun~Elevation Christmas party, annual Christmas party in Longview, making Christmas cookies, girls day at the nutcracker, Daniel Stowe Gardens, Billy Graham Library, Christmas lights Christmasville USA, brunch with Santa

Special one on one date with Connor

Create family Christmas cards and wall display for family room

Read Power of Habit

New filing system for MLP, Jackson Real Estate Group and Personal

Organize hard drives, write out system and process

Start running again using couch 2 5K

Do you keep track of your goals? I would love to read them, post a link in the comments!




Holiday Greetings | Charlotte NC Family and Child Photographer

Oh this family! We have worked together several times now and it is such a joy and honor to be able to call my clients friends! This baby girl is just to die for. She has the sweetest disposition and cutest little faces. Miss Devan totally won us over! Enjoy some favorites of our time together and get in the holiday spirit……….







Shannon - Erin & Madison Lane Photography you’ve done it again! What a fun day and absolutely gorgeous images. Thank you, thank you, thank you friend! Happy holidays! Xo

Do It Afraid! {Making Things Happen}

{photo credit: @emilymarchpayne}

This image, this group……so many tears, so much love and so much heart behind this picture.

About a year and a half ago I found out about the “Making Things Happen” conference through my new friend Nancy’s blog. I randomly stumbled upon her blog one day and little did I know the profound and lasting effect it would have on my life.  It came at such a time in my life where I was in quite a bit of transition. I was saying goodbye to many things I had been holding on to and making room for God to work BIG in my heart.

This year I had some big goals set for myself, specifically 1) Meet my photography mentor and 2) Attend Making Things Happen. Both of which terrified and excited me all at once.  As Lara says, decide you can and do it afraid! So that is just what I did.

In June my long-time photography mentor, Munchkins and Mohawks Photography, invited me up to Pittsburgh to visit. Meeting the person who has played such an important role in growing my business for the first time in person was incredible. I was scared to death to “meet” this person I had only knew through a phone call every other month and online. I will share with you all more about that life-changing experience another time, but it was so worth getting to truly know the heart behind someone who has invested so much into me. I am forever grateful for that opportunity, love you Tiff!

Right after I booked my flight to Pittsburgh, I bought my ticket to Making Things Happen. Again, terrified and excited. I didn’t know a single person going, but I just knew this is where God wanted me to be.

So last week I headed up to Chapel Hill and had two of the best days of my life. I had no idea what to expect. I turned in my cell phone, disconnected from everything I knew and was just STILL. Clear of distractions, bad habits, my every day life, I was ready for God to work in me.  And He did. He was waiting for this moment, for me to just STOP from the everyday hustle of being a Mom of three little ones and running a small business.

{photo credit: @emilymarchpayne}

For two days layers and layers of stuff was peeled off. Hearts were shared. Tears poured out. More layers peeled back. We dug deeper. And more tears came. With every tear, you could just feel weights being lifted and chains being broken from all of the beautiful women and brave men in that room. It was completely freeing for me. I was suddenly not alone with all of my thoughts and fears that I thought I could only understand. Others shared them too and they were not afraid to say it.

I’m not sure how to really describe exactly what we do at Making Things Happen, words just don’t seem adequate enough, you’re going to have to experience it for yourself!

What I can say is this, I don’t want to live a life of default. I don’t want days to turn into years and all of those things I’ve always wanted to do just pass me by. We were made for so much more! I want to have a marriage that is more than ok. I want to have memories and experiences with my kids in both the every day things AND the big adventures. I want to create meaningful relationships and art for my clients. I want to share my heart story with others and encourage them to share theirs. I want to live on purpose so that when I am 80 years old, I don’t wonder where the time went. I am the only one who has the story God is writing in my life and He’s not asking me to keep it quiet.

Two days ago we had a health scare with my oldest son. He started limping at his soccer game Sunday and by Monday morning he could barely walk. Blood tests and x-rays were ordered to rule out some extremely scary diagnoses. Monday was a day of “in-between”. As I watched the blood being drawn from a nervous little boy and his little seven-year-old body lying on the x-ray table, I sat there wondering if the life I knew was about to take an entire 180. Everything that I had been worried about the day before REALLY DIDN’T MATTER. All the stresses and fears meant nothing. Praise God, every thing came back normal.

I want to live a life on purpose. I want to make what matters happen. I want to be who God called me to be. God is taking a whole lot of broken pieces in my life and little by little making them into something beautiful. That is how He works, we just have to do our part. What story is God wanting to write in your life? I would love to know. If you want to know more about this conference, I would be honored to share my experience with you!

Thank you to all of the girls pictured above. My heart is so full. I cannot begin to describe how grateful I am for each and every one of your brave hearts. Love you all so much.

Living a meaningful life is hard work. It is a process. It usually starts with very very small steps. But it is worth it. Life is too short to live in fear, shame and guilt.  I am Erin Jackson and I am enough.


Amber Housley - Love your heart and all that you shared. Sending you hugs! xo

admin - Love ya girlie!

Ashley - Beautiful words :)