You are 3 Months~A Love Letter to My Littlest One

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My sweet Austin Oliver, how can it be you are already 3 months? You would think I would be more prepared this fourth time around, but I’m not. I’ve been incredibly intentional about soaking it all in, the details of your face, our every days, your new tricks, the late night feedings, the way your fluffy hair feels and smells when we snuggle close, and when you reach for my face with your soft little hands. All of these things. I don’t take a single minute for granted. Being a Mom all over again has been one of the biggest gifts God could have ever given me. I am so grateful for you, your Daddy and your brothers and sister. My cup runneth over.

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I want to remember how each morning you sit on the counter in your newborn snuggle nest and take in the action of our morning routine. You watch each one of us as the morning unfolds. We get ready for school, drink our coffee, take our vitamins, eat breakfast and pack our book bags for the day ahead. It’s one of my favorite times of day because you are so happy to just take it all in and the big kids all come over to you at some point and love on you.

This month you’ve learned a ton of new tricks. You just started blowing raspberries, your little hands can unfold and grab things, your favorites are me and Maddie’s hair. I think you think it’s funny because you grab on and just don’t let go! You like to “talk” with us and also move your little legs and arms as fast as you can. You sit and stare at you fingers as they open and close and reach for my face and lips. You are getting really good at holding your head up and can “sit” when I hold you to read books or play games with your siblings. You had fun playing Apples to Apples with us yesterday! Sometimes during tummy time you can hold your head up for a few minutes but occasionally you get tired and topple and roll over onto your side or back.

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You love reading books with me and talking to the characters you see. You also try to “grab” them off the pages. Today Parker set up one of your books on the table near the couch. I was holding you and all of the sudden you started giggling. You saw the dog on the cover of one of your books and were so excited, a familiar face in an unexpected place! You have a love for music now too. We love singing the Wheels on the Bus song to you, and when the windows go up and down with your arms, you always giggle. Your sweet little giggles are so contagious.

You are still trying to figure out if you like bath time or not. You are trying to like it, but you typically have a very concerned look on your face. Sometimes a smile creeps in but just for a second. We are going to give it some more time, one day I know you will jut love it. 

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You started napping some in your crib recently and you did great with the transition. Lately however you are not the best napper. You get woken up so much and then it’s really hard for you to sleep well when you are over tired during the day. At night you are a rock star sleeper! You still sleep in the co-sleeper in our bed (I’m not ready to let go!) and you get up just once to eat and go right back to sleep around 2:30. I can live with that! You would probably sleep through the night, but you are a little spoiled and for right now we are ok with it.

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You weigh 12.2 pounds and measure 23.75 inches. You are quickly growing through 0-3 month and some 3 month clothing. I feel like you are pretty long. You still wear size 1 diapers but I see us moving to size 2s very soon.

Each night I put you in your jammies, feed you and everyone gives you a kiss and a snuggle before I take you to bed. I then sing You are My Sunshine and Jesus Loves Me, tuck you in, pray over you and kiss you goodnight. We love you more than words could ever describe.

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March 2016 Goals


Image styled by Jennifer Harvey Interiors and  myself.


If you fail to plan you plan to fail. ~Ben Franklin

For years I have been an avid goal setter. Every month I create a game plan of what I would like to accomplish for the upcoming month. I try and review this every morning so I can stay focused on the important things. As a Mom and a small business owner, many days don’t go as planned, but having my goals written down keeps me on track and focused. I am always encouraged by reading other people’s goals, so here are mine for March!

Family beach photo shoot

Date night and family goal setting with Brandon

Paint and set up studio

Create marketing calendar

Complete taxes by March 5

Read The Five Love Languages of Children

Date/Manners Dinner with the boys

Print 2 albums of our family pictures

Parker Wonderfully Made Session

Lead Awaken Bible Study Table