Peach Blossom Sessions, Fort Mill SC

I LOVE living in the South. One of my favorite things is mild winters and Peach Blossoms! Every year our small town of Fort Mill has these beautiful Peach Blossoms that bloom gorgeous flowers for a very brief amount of time and then we get to enjoy them again with fresh peaches from the farmer’s market in my neighborhood. I just love the small town feel these orchards bring. This year, we experienced an incredibly warm February and then freezing temperatures in March so sadly the blooms never really peeked, however, we were able to time it just right for this super fun family. Enjoy a few of my favorites from the peach blossom photography session…..

fort mill peach blossom family photographer_0150
fort mill peach blossom family photographer_0151

fort mill peach blossom family photographer_0149

And I’m sharing this last image because it is indeed one of my favorites! It is honest and authentic and I LOVE that.

fort mill peach blossom family photographer_0152


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